Students For Concealed Carry Sue Ohio State for Overly Restrictive Gun Rules

The University Herald Gun rights advocates have filed a civil lawsuit against Ohio State University for bizzare anti-gun rules. Students for Concealed Carry and another gun rights group allege that the school’s anti-gun policies prohibit students from having firearms off campus. The plaintiffs claimed that Ohio State officials can ban students from carrying guns on campus. But, […]

When a Gunman Started Shooting at People Leaving a Party, a Military Member With a Concealed Carry Permit Sprang Into Action

Found here: by Zach Noble The Fourth of July ended in fireworks for many Americans, but for one group of Chicago partygoers, the night ended with something else: a firefight. Two side-by-side parties provided the scene of the Friday confrontation, the Chicago Tribune reported. A group of four people, including one military member, was leaving one […]

States Look to Gun Seizure Law After Mass Killings

Found here: by Dave Collins As state officials across the country grapple with how to prevent mass killings like the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and near the University of California, Santa Barbara, some are turning to a gun seizure law pioneered in Connecticut 15 years ago. Connecticut’s law allows judges […]

The Work Of Peace

“God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.” – Matthew 5:9   Since 1901, The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded annually (with some exceptions) to those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies […]

Today we celebrate our Independence Day.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”      On this day in 1776, fifty-six brave Patriots signed the Declaration that would create America and change the world for good […]

July 1 big day for gun owners; Gun rights expanding in several states (VIDEO)

Found here: by Jennifer Cruz As Americans gear up to celebrate Independence Day, gun rights advocates in at least three states across the country are celebrating their freedom a few days early – the freedom to legally carry a firearm in a few more places, that is. Indiana, Kansas and Georgia all have new […]