Firearms, Morals And A Righteous Life: Part II

Gun-Free+ZoneEven when well intentioned gun control (gun free zones meant to reduce violent crime), or control for a sinister purpose (Hitler, Stalin – domination), history and facts confirm that it doesn’t advance freedom or safety. Leadership in Washington D.C. and major U.S. cities seem either blinded by a “paradigm of the well intended” or so committed to self serving agendas that they ignore actual consequences and results.

We see this disconnect in other programs. Noble initiatives intended to address real needs and past grievances of young women for equal opportunity, equal pay, and child support were intended to change our world for the better.  But does each one inadvertently contribute to America’s moral decay.

Under the guise of establishing equal opportunity and equal pay (important and essential objectives), the women’s rights movement inspired young women to seek happiness and fulfillment outside the home. Opportunistic political leaders painted the male as the enemy not the partner, children as an option not a blessing, divorce as an acceptable norm not the exception, faith and Christian teachings as an after thought.

Intended to provide a safety net for the truly needy, America’s welfare system’s child support programs have become a structural support for fatherless homes. We encourage and empower young women to have babies out of wed lock!  For each “qualified” child, the annual financial support exceeds what marriage to almost any young man represents in terms of financial security.

Is it any wonder why single parent households have grown dramatically? These otherwise noble initiatives have contributed to negative results: abortion as a form of birth control, wide spread broken and fatherless homes, increased poverty rate, dependence on entitlement programs and a weakened front in the battle for the hearts and minds of our youth. Both have been instrumental in producing a generation of disenfranchised young men (fathers and sons alike) ill equipped for family creation, meaningful work and self reliance. What does each have in common with misguided gun control initiatives? Come back tomorrow and we will complete this post. Thank you for reading!


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