Firearms, Morals And A Righteous Life: Part III

Detroit DesolationA perfect cauldron of government interference and control run amuck is apparent in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. In these urban nightmares a disarmed citizenry and most vulnerable youth are victimized by armed criminals. Young children ill equipped to make good decisions follow survival instincts. Young males join gangs for income and safety and young females have babies to secure unconditional love and financial support. Where gun control is at its zenith firearm related violent crime is at its worst! Gun free zones become the target for the warped criminal minds seeking easy prey.

Winning over the hearts and minds of our youth for good has never been easy.  Well intended government programs unfortunately often ad to this challenge. Not surprisingly, some Washington leaders seek to gain political advantage by promoting a victim mentality and usually answer such problems with more control and more programs.

We should never discount the valiant effort by many young mothers in their daily battle to provide a safe, loving, and positive home but the rise in intercity violent crime, high school drop out rate, out of wed lock birth rate, and youth unemployment indicates this battle is being lost. To win this battle, we must reverse the decline of the family in America by revisiting the consequences of well intentioned programs.  By keeping the portions of each that do in fact secure positive outcomes, and by changing or eliminating the negative, we might yet win this battle.

The most fundamental requirements for teaching morals and putting our youth upon a path to a righteous life have not changed. We must promote the family, America’s founding principles (exemplified by Abigail Adams’s insight and faith), self reliance, personal accountability, and responsible firearm ownership for self defense and sport.  When measured against supporting the goal of a moral and righteous life how do our government initiatives perform? How does each one support a moral and therefore truly fulfilling and prosperous life?


“Government doesn’t solve problems; it subsidizes them.”  Ronald Reagan


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