A Prayer for Trayvon Martin, his family, George Zimmerman and America.

Trayvon-ZimmermanWe pray that Trayvon Martin rests in peace, that his family is comforted, that George Zimmerman can find peace from his ordeal and that America can learn from this national spectacle and therefore takes steps to prevent future tragedies caused by misguided decisions of our young men. Why was Trayvon out at night, on drugs, wearing a hoody, and of a mindset that contributed to a confrontation that ended with his death?

We can not know what was in these two men’s hearts and minds that fateful night but we do know that drugs influence decision making, that wearing a hood can be perceived as indicating ill will, and that the very “leaders” who profess to be against racism are its chief proponents. If these leaders as well as families taught more young people to “Love thy Neighbor …” would the resulting attitudes reduce senseless murders and the confrontations rampant in all our cities’ neighborhoods? Cities like Chicago, America’s murder capital of young black males?

Do not doubt that we are strong supporters for the right to self defense and the right to bear arms for that purpose but we equally support a society’s efforts to reduce the need for that very act.


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