Anthony Gucciardi Debates a Gun Control Fanatic

In this video Anthony Gucciardi of debates an extreme government control fanatic. Some of you will find this video humorous,  some will find it enraging, but this video does provide some insight into the human psyche and the kind of battle we must fight. In this battle we are armed with knowledge, statistics, and history. Yet there are still some who, no matter the validity of the data given them, will continue to argue that more government control is the answer. At some point in the development of this country, particularly in the past couple decades, parents stopped raising their children to take individual responsibility and to be self-reliant.


We now have large portions of society that ultimately believe that the government should take care of us in all aspects of life, and control all things. The more the government controls, the less free we are. This country was founded upon the concept of individual liberty. If the individual is free, they are also responsible for their own lives, and therefore must have at least a basic ability to rely on themselves for personal protection and the protection of their property. It is time for us to remember what it means to be free, and not shy away from the responsibilities of individual liberty but embrace these responsibilities and keep this country free.



One thought on “Anthony Gucciardi Debates a Gun Control Fanatic

  1. It is amazing what people think and how it is driven by emotion, and what they have heard from those around them not fact or individual research!

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