Anti-Gun Control Groups: 8 Organizations Fighting for 2nd Amendment

Found here: by David Fidlin

While the National Rifle Association is, perhaps, the most well-known anti-gun control organization, there are other similar groups across the United States aiming to protect the longstanding Second Amendment rights that have been offered to Americans.

High-profile cases — including the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting in December 2012 that resulted in 27 deaths — have intensified the debate over gun control legislation. Groups that believe in the right to bear arms have ramped up their efforts as well.

The NRA, with roots going back to 1871, boasts 4.3 million members. Two U.S. Army officers founded the organization to promote marksmanship. Over time, the organization has evolved, lobbying lawmakers as legislative changes are proposed. Several celebrities, including Charlton Heston, have been associated with the organization.

Gun Owners of America boasts 300,000 members and has been in existence since 1975 as an outgrowth of a handgun debate that was raging at the time. By contrast to most anti-gun control groups, the Second Amendment Foundation has been less visible and has worked behind the scenes in maintaining the gun ownership rights that have been in place. SAF has 650,000 active members.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership has been in existence since 1989. The Hartford, Wisconsin-based organization has about 7,000 members and has, at times, referenced imagery from the Holocaust and Nazi regime to get its point across.

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