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*Follow link above for audio of the 911 call*

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

It’s a lesson that the non-gun owning public just doesn’t seem to understand, but one that a 47-year-old widow from Phoenix, Arizona, is keenly aware of following an incident back in May.

Cynthia was the victim of home invasion. By all accounts, she did the right thing. She called 911 to report the crime. However, police did not arrive in time to prevent the situation from escalating. The burglar, a man by the name of Michael Lewis, had entered her home and began to engage her.

She was left with no other choice but to defend herself with a firearm. She shot Lewis before he could get the best of her. Recently, the 911 audio was made public, detailing Cynthia’s heroism in the face of imminent danger.

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