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David is a Weapons & Tactics Instructor with Treadswift Tactical and an 8 year veteran of the Marine Reconnaissance community. His first enlistment was spent doing shooting packages and Live tissue training as well as a Marine Expeditionary Unit Work up to deploy to Afghanistan as a Recon Scout and Point man for almost 9 months in 2008. After that deployment, he re-enlisted and went to III MEF Special Operations Training Group where he spent 2 years as an instructor, teaching Urban Recon and Surveillance and Close Quarters Battle, as well as developing the scenarios for all the MEU exercises that SOTG evaluated, which would be 4 MEU cycles in 2 years. After his tour as an instructor, he returned to 2D Reconnaissance Bn where he took a billet as a Team Leader in A Co, to again deploy as Scout Sniper and Team leader in 2012 for nearly 8 months. His qualifications include Scout Sniper Basic course, 6 shooting packages, 2 from SOTG and 4 from outside agencies to include Academi and Viking Tactics.
Website: http://www.treadswifttactical.com/
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Sometimes Outmanned. Never Outgunned.

I am not writing this to rally troops to a cause to go and topple a regime. Sometimes folks need a reminder as to exactly what it is we need to remember in order to remain a great and prosperous nation. In the wake of political drama, I pause to think about this nation, and […]

Observations on Weapons Maintenance

Shooters, I have carbine and pistol on the brain this morning and wanted to talk to you about whats on my mind. First, weapons maintenance. In the Recon teams there’s a saying we live by that dictates our priorities of work post op: “Weapon, Gear, Body.” Well, it’s not so much a saying as it […]