Bill Introduced To Allow Concealed Carry Permits to Transfer Across State Lines Like Drivers Licenses

Found here on by Katie Pavlich

Texas Senator John Cornyn has introduced new legislation that if passed would allow concealed carry holders to travel from state to state without fear of breaking the law. The idea is similar to national reciprocity and concealed carry permits would be recognized as legal just like a drivers license.

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San Antonio 1200 WOAI News Radio’s Michael Board discussed the legislation with Cornyn yesterday.

 “It would allow people with a concealed handgun license in Texas to travel to other states and maintain their legal status,” Cornyn told 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board.

Last year, a similar national reciprocity bill in the Senate received more votes than Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control legislation. National reciprocity received 57 votes and Feinstein’s legislation received just 40. Both pieces of legislation failed.

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