Black gun rights advocate challenges Obama’s call after church shooting

Found here: by Valerie Richardson

President Obama and other black leaders called for tighter access to firearms last week in reaction to the mass shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, but not Kenn Blanchard.

A former Marine, Christian pastor and author of “Black Man with a Gun,” Mr. Blanchard wants more black people to protect themselves by embracing the Second Amendment and learning to use firearms, instead of reflexively siding with the gun control movement.

“It hit too close to home, being a former pastor of a church, knowing that you’re almost a sitting duck because you open your church up to the herding, you don’t question people, you don’t have adequate security,” said Mr. Blanchard, who hosts a podcast through his website,

“Biblically, it’s kind of out of context, too,” he said. “If you’re going to be the shepherd of a flock — the shepherd had a really big stick. And the shepherd protected the sheep from the wolf and the bear. And the sheep felt safe because the shepherd was armed.”

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