Bloomberg’s NYC Gun Control: 12 Shot, 5 Killed, No Arrests

Found Here on by Awr Hawkins

In a NYC shooting spree that started Friday night and ended Saturday evening, 12 were shot, five were killed, none were arrested–welcome to Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control extravaganza.


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

According to the New York Daily News, “three people were killed and two were wounded in the Bronx, two were killed and four were wounded in Brooklyn, and one was wounded in Queens.”

Almost all the shootings were spawned by arguments or fights and involved–in one case–persons with a combined rap sheet of “77 prior arrests.” In one of the other homicides a man started a fight with 24-year-old Marcus Castillo. When it looked like Castillo would win the man’s friend “flashed a row of gold teeth” then shot Castillo dead.

This is another clear demonstration of facade of gun control. Criminals and those prone to violence will always have guns and will use them to take life as they please.

Bloomberg’s gun control extravaganza looks a bit like the one Mayor Rahm Emanuel is presiding over in Chicago.

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