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While Mike Bloomberg and his billionaire buddies were spending upward of $10 million to implement a firearms registration scheme in Washington State, Bloomberg’s minions were hard at work initiating a similar assault on the rights of the people of Nevada. Nevadans for Background Checks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. As typical with the Bloomies, the “group” is touted as a local grass roots effort, but is funded, directed and staffed primarily by Bloomberg and his professional rights abusers. A few local extremists are included as window-dressing.

Everytown’s Washington, D.C., attorney reserved the Nevadans for Background Checks name with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office earlier this year. Filing information for the PAC and nonprofit corporation formed to push for the initiative, which significantly changes the state’s firearm transfer laws, lists Tara Paone as “director, president” of the nonprofit and as “director” of the PAC. Tara Paone is elsewhere listed as treasurer for Everytown for Gun Safety in New York, and was listed as the director of the Everytown fund in support of I-594 in Washington. Ms. Paone’s LinkedIn profile says she is a professional manager for nonprofits and that she resides in New York City. The address listed for her on the Nevada paperwork appears to be a street address, but is actually a post office box. The other person listed on the PAC and incorporation paperwork, as treasurer and director respectively, is an attorney and lobbyist named Matt Griffin, who appears to be an actual resident of the state.

In early November, the Bloomberg front group submitted more than 240,000 signatures in its petition drive to get the initiative on the November 2015 ballot. There have been no financial filings from either the PAC or the nonprofit yet, but the effort was clearly expensive. We should get a better idea of just how expensive in mid-January when their financial disclosure reports should be available.

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