Book Review “The Bias Against Guns” by John R. Lott, JR.

The Bias Against Guns“Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong”

Excerpt from page 226 – “The natural inclination when crimes are committed with guns is to get rid of guns. While an understandable reaction, looking at only the costs of guns does not make good policy. But considering the very unbalanced media coverage and government reports about guns, it is no wonder that most people are unaware of the extensive benefits of gun defense. Unfortunately, this bias against guns costs lives”.

John R. Lott, JR’s impeccably researched and scholarly work both logically and factually confirms the media, statist and liberal bias against guns. Supported with numerous media examples and hard research, this book is a must read for 2nd amendment advocates. It provides many of the answers as to why, in the face of logic, history and facts, the general public remains vulnerable to emotional and largely politically motivated appeals for more gun control.

By acts of commission and omission, the media and the government consistently understates the firearm use positives including self-defense, sport, sustenance and self-reliance while promoting the fear and alarm that comes with stories of criminal activities and accidents. Lott’s work shows us how not only are positive firearm stories dramatically underreported but even when published they are often slanted to minimize the benefit of firearm ownership. He reveals how government data emphasizes criminal use but ignores crime prevention.

An important read and reference for all those seeking to help win the battle for our 2nd amendment rights.


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