Book Review: “It Is Dangerous to be Right When the Government Is Wrong” by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Book Review – “It Is Dangerous to be Right When the Government Is Wrong” by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Excerpt from the introduction page XIII –

“Every day in many a way, seen and unseen, liberty is lost. It is the purpose of this book to address the seen and unseen, to argue for the primacy of the individual over the state, and to help foment a reawakening of the natural human thirst for freedom.”

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At the very heart of our daily battle to preserve individual liberty is combating the statist liberal attack on the 2nd amendment and our God given right of self-defense. Judge Napolitano’s passionate and inspiring book frames the battle to protect the 2nd amendment as vital but merely the tip of the iceberg in the larger war we must fight and win to preserve personal freedom and American exceptionalism.

Among other founding principles the Judge details how our property rights, freedom of speech, free markets, the right to privacy, taxation without representation, the right to petition and self-defense have been under attack by our own government for generations. He painstakingly details America’s elected and appointed official’s relentless assault on our most basic natural rights. He quotes our founding fathers who prophetically warned us against such human tendencies towards power and corruption.

Stopping just short of a call for violent rebellion, Judge Napolitano should inspire all Americans to question and challenge the government’s actions. His book equips us with the knowledge and confidence needed to recognize, resist and proactively seek to counter the destructive forces that threaten to rob us of liberty.


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