Book Review: “Gun Fight” by Adam Winkler

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Excerpt – Page 199

“The first task for Attorney General Cummings was repeal of Prohibition. Teetotalers had tried to reinforce the ban on liquor in the same way that later generations would try to reinforce bans on illegal drugs, through harsher penalties for users. The strategy was equally unsuccessful then. Even more troubling, thought Cummings, was that “illegal traffic in liquor” had created “new forms of crime.” “We are engaged in a war” he said. A war with the organized forces of crime. Victory wasn’t going to come from stiffer penalties for drinkers; it required making liquor lawful again and eliminating the illegal profiteering that was enriching the mob.”

“By 1933, with crime ascendant and illegal liquor easily available, Cummings didn’t face nearly the opposition one would expect when seeking to overturn an amendment to the Constitution. Civic leaders, both wet and dry, recognized that Prohibition was a failure.”

In Gun Fight by Adam Winkler, readers from both sides of the gun control debate will find what they seek. Interspersed with his insightful story of the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case, the author inserts a rendering of political, judicial, social and emotional history surrounding the 2nd amendment.

Just when the reader thinks their viewpoint has been validated, Mr. Winkler reveals the flaws in a study or the fallacy in a widely held historical perception. The twists and turns of each snapshot are used to create an emotionally charged and intellectually challenging backdrop to his description of the events and characters behind the Columbia v. Heller landmark ruling.

While each side of the debate will find reason to suspect the author of bias, “Gun Fight” is a must read for all committed to an effective defense of the 2nd amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. The perspectives and history shared will undoubtedly strengthen one’s ability to participate in the discussion and pursuit of sound conclusions and solutions.


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