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Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Demands ‘Full Institution’ of 2nd Amendment in Wake of Chattanooga Attack

Found here on U.S. Marine Dakota Meyer, who received the Medal of Honor in 2011 for his service in Afghanistan, called for “a full institution of the 2nd Amendment” following the attacks on two Chattanooga, Tennessee military centers in a Facebook post Thursday. “I carry a firearm with me at all times legally under the conceal and […]

Concealed-carry handgun permits soar as murder rate drops, study claims

Found here on A report from a prominent economist finds that the number of permits to carry concealed handguns has skyrocketed by 178 percent in the last eight years, even as the murder rate has dropped. The figures, cited in a study by the Philadelphia-based Crime Prevention Research Center, is evidence that legally-possessed handguns […]

Maine Governor LePage signs NRA-backed bill for Permitless carry

Found here: Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association won another victory for gun owners today as Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed Legislative Document 652 into law, allowing anyone over the age of 21 to carry concealed without a permit. “Maine now joins an ever-growing number of states in passing permitless carry,” said Chris […]

DC loss for gun control puts New York City’s laws at risk

Found Here on The latest fight over gun control in Washington, DC, looks like one for New York to watch. It’s on the question of whether the District of Columbia can require residents applying for pistol permits to show “good reason.” Short work was made of the question this week by US District Judge […]

Armed Citizen Saves Officer Under Attack In Oklahoma City

Found here on Bearing Arms A rookie Oklahoma City police officer became separated from his partner during a foot pursuit and managed to close in on the robbery suspect they were chasing. The suspect managed to get control of the officer’s baton and started striking him in the head repeatedly, and the incident might have […]

California’s gun owners, and their guns, are here to stay.

Found here on California is a state where officials pride themselves on tightening the screws on gun owners. The state even spends tens of millions of dollars it doesn’t really have to stumble its way through an ill-conceived scheme to confiscate guns from people over felony convictions, varieties of mental illness, drug use, domestic […]

Outrageous Double Standard in DC…Why am I not surprised?

Found here on National Review  If elected officials can possess guns, why can’t the rest of Washington’s citizens? As if it were not disgraceful enough that America’s shining capital has for decades sought to suppress the right of its people to keep and bear arms, we now learn that a pernicious double standard obtains as […]

Ted Cruz says Soldiers Should be Allowed to Carry Firearms on Base

Found here on The Washington Times Sen. Ted Cruz is asking lawmakers to consider allowing troops to carry personal firearms on base for protection, reviving a fight that has previously been a nonstarter with Congress after military leaders said they didn’t support the change. While many lawmakers said Tuesday they were open to having a […]

Why Has Public Opinion Shifted About Gun Control?

Found here on In short, we are at a moment when most Americans believe crime rates are rising and when most believe gun ownership – not gun control – makes people safer. For most of the 1990s and the subsequent decade, a substantial majority of Americans believed it was more important to control gun […]

Gun Seizure and Government Corruption

San Diego, CA –-( For years some police agencies, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities lead by politicians that push gun control, have forced citizens to forfeit legally owned firearms by seizing them overzealously. Then making it practically impossible to get them back or even to sell them. These forced firearms forfeitures […]

NRA Leaders Warn Members of Looming Gun-Control Efforts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Leaders of the National Rifle Association on Saturday cited the new Republican majority in the U.S. Senate as evidence of the group’s political clout, but warned of looming gun-control efforts in the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Read More

Column: Rubio trying to restore 2nd Amendment rights of Washington DC residents

Found here: by Lee Williams Washington D.C. residents have never had any real Second Amendment rights, in a city where the violent crime rate is more than three times the national average, according to FBI’s Uniform Crime Report data. Unless a resident has money and/or political influence, the ability to legally carry a firearm […]

Gun Registration Is The First Step Towards Disarming The People

Found here: by Pierreguy Veer Based on media reports, the Canadian province of Quebec is going to descend into chaos very soon. The Supreme Court ruled last week that data from its gun registry could be destroyed. It didn’t take long before the media started interviewing victims of the Polytechnique School, where 14 women […]


Found here: by John Hinderaker Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz carried out a horrifying mass murder of the passengers aboard Germanwings flight 9525. It has come to light that he was diagnosed with serious mental illness, but medical professionals were prevented by German law from communicating his condition to the airline, and Lubitz hid his psychological […]