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FN MK1 Shotgun Review

One of my articles a good while back took a look at FN’s FNS-9 handgun. I’ve had the opportunity to train with and employ a few of the machine guns FN builds and I’ve had the chance to train with and employ their ARs. All that remained to round things out nicely would be to […]
on January 9, 2015

SlySteel Knife Review

I have written a couple of articles in the past discussing the perks of having a good knife within arm’s reach. While I’m somewhat of a hobbyist, I think it’s fair to say those articles stuck with practicality, reliability, and function over shock and awe. Shoot, most of the time a simple little belt knife […]
on May 14, 2014

Honor, Virtue, and Social Responsibility: An armed society is a polite society.

Observations from Chapter two, The Second Amendment Primer by Les Adams: Expressions of The Right in Sixteenth to Eighteenth-Century Continental Europe. Continuing our journey through the history of the Second Amendment we find more evidence that the greatest minds of the past distinctly understood that free men, not only had the natural right to self-defense, but […]

Book Review “The Bias Against Guns” by John R. Lott, JR.

“Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong” Excerpt from page 226 – “The natural inclination when crimes are committed with guns is to get rid of guns. While an understandable reaction, looking at only the costs of guns does not make good policy. But considering the very unbalanced media coverage and government reports about guns, […]

Standing on The Shoulders of Giants

These observations come from Chapter one in The Second Amendment Primer by Les Adams, Early Expressions of The Right in Ancient Times. Continuing my journey through this book I have seen that we are not simply relying on the philosophies of the modern politician or solely on those of our founding fathers. We are standing […]

Which Knife to NOT Forget?

Recently, I penned a short piece on the importance and value of a good knife or two consistently carried on the belt or in the pocket. While hardly groundbreaking wisdom, wise words reiterated for the modern reader are never wasted. A shortfall in the article was brought to my attention in recent days; I had […]
on February 6, 2014

Jeff Cooper’s Rifle

Col. Jeff Cooper, the Father of the Modern Pistol Technique, admitted readily that the point of a handgun was to fight your way to a rifle. Most of us these days don’t think that way.  Most folks in his time didn’t think that way either. Please don’t mistake me; I am not talking about just […]
on December 30, 2013

Review: Smith and Wesson 686

The majority (or at least what appears to be the majority) of individuals who carry a concealed carry firearm these days opt for a semiautomatic in one form or another.  There are many good choices out there, and most can be used in a majority of applications. With all of the ‘tactical’ advertisements being exhibited […]
on December 13, 2013

Beretta Pico Review

Found on Introduced at the 2013 NRA Convention last May, Beretta’s new Pico is a very small concealed carry semi-auto initially chambered for the .380 ACP, with a .32 ACP version scheduled to follow. A caliber conversion can be accomplished by merely swapping barrels, which will be offered by Beretta as accessory items. Like many recent guns of its type, […]
on December 3, 2013

Review of FNS-9

I never thought I would see the day I opted to carry and employ a plastic gun. Even with Glock essentially paralleling itself with an AK-47 in regards to torture tests, I never had much of an interest in any polymer firearm. Old Slabsides was good enough for me. And anything besides .45 ACP? Forget […]
on November 13, 2013