Colorado Dem Governor Goes All “Bloomberg” After Recall Rebuke

CO Gov

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Found here on by Michael Schaus

Much to the dismay of New York City’s Mayor, the National Democrat Party, and Colorado’s increasingly partisan Democrat Governor, the historic Colorado recalls resulted in the ousting of two gun-control advocating state legislators. But, don’t expect that to stop the ruling political class from rolling their eyes at the common citizen’s “pointless” attempt at representative self-governance.

Governor John Hickenlooper, of New-New-York, gave a brief comment to reporters on the topic of the State’s first ever recall election after both Democrat legislators lost their bid to remain in office. Standing on crutches (not because of his obvious beating in the polls, but because of un-related medical issues) the Governor attempted some verbal gymnastics that quickly morphed into elitist condescension.

“Often times the perceived reality is more emotionally powerful than, than the facts,” said Hickenlooper in response to his two fellow gun-control advocates being all but tarred and feathered by a bipartisan majority of voters. The comments are drenched in irony given the emotional appeal anti-gun organizations like Mayors Against Illegal Guns employed when they promoted legislation that would limit Second Amendment rights. After all, it’s clearly a “fact” that the 16th bullet in a magazine is the dangerous one. Such trivial legislation is obviously not driven by emotional reactions to tragic events.

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