Concealed Carry Is Awesome…An Awesome Responsibility.

Dave Solano

Dave Solano

I am going to keep this as quick and to the point as possible. I am going say that my thoughts and my prayers go out to the families of all that have not stood idly by and watched an evil man do terrible things to the people around them. I want to say that all of those that did so while carrying a firearm either concealed or open, lived to tell the tale… but not all of them have. But what does it come down to? Lack of discipline? Inexperience? I believe it to be a bit of both.

The fact is, I am tired of hearing about Americans that have died because they rushed head first into a situation they were ill prepared for. I know what you’re thinking. “Not everyone is a Marine. Not everyone has been trained to handle violent people like you have.” I’ve heard that a lot. At what point do you stop making excuses, and make the decision to train yourself, and get trained by those that know how to do it? The fact is that concealed carriers most times will go to the range once a year if at all after being certified and licensed. That is unacceptable. The other fact is that some people do it because quite frankly, it’s a fashion statement. They do it because their friends do it. Everyone wants to be a cowboy, but no one knows how to fight at the OK Corral.

I’m not just trying to make you feel inadequate. I’m gonna help you out here. My first bit of advice is this: Learn your limitations. Only when a man knows his limitations can he exceed beyond them. As a civilian with basic firearms experience, you may feel like you aren’t up to the challenge, or you may feel intimidated by going through a course taught by men who have studied the way of the gun for many years. Don’t be. We would rather you seek out our help so that we can not only help you build confidence, but help you learn how to sustain and improve your abilities. The greatest swordsman weren’t born that way, but they were born with humility which allowed them to seek out the masters of the craft. I will warn you against flashy, high speed training where you blow through thousands of rounds in a day. What will happen is this, you will shoot a lot. But you will not receive the information on how to reach the pinnacle on your own. I believe in a train the trainer concept. You shouldn’t have to take my course more than once. After that, you should be able to apply the fundamentals and train yourself.

How you do it is up to you. Just train like your life depends on it. Train against multiple targets, and don’t train at indoor ranges where they place you inside booths that act as giant blinders, and implement training-isms that can get you killed. Train yourself to move! Real life scenarios are always kinetic and require the development of keen situational awareness for use at all times of the day and night.

Carrying a gun in everyday settings is not something to be taken lightly. In a heartbeat, your world can be turned upside down and then you will recognize how foolish it was to follow a fad without understanding the responsibility involved. Concealed and open carry is awesome… an awesome RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for the lives of those around you. You are responsible for each round fired. You are responsible for deciding the best course of action in accordance with the laws of your particular state. All of this happens in seconds, and you must be able to think on your toes. You must be able to employ your weapon as an extension of your arm and you must be able to respond to multiple threats.

I am not saying all of this to deter you from carrying a weapon. That is your God given right, and empowered by the Constitution and the Second Amendment. I am asking you as Americans to do all you can to be the best at carrying a gun and if necessary using one to be able to defend your lives and those around you by extinguishing the evil flame that burns brightly inside some people. It is our duty as Americans to be the best at everything we do. I ask you to train yourself, seek out training from knowledgeable men and women, and be the best at this too.


Dave Solano

Co-Founder, Treadswift Tactical, LLC


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