D.C. VS. THE 2ND AMENDMENT ‘It’s the Bill of Rights, not the bill of needs’

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Stand united, and fight with a happy heart.

Stand united, and fight with a happy heart.

WASHINGTON – “More Guns, Less Crime” was the title of a landmark study and bestselling book in 1998 praised by such luminaries as Milton Friedman.

So, after all these years, why is the District of Columbia going to court to fight tooth and nail to prevent citizens from carrying guns?

“It’s not the cops who are doing this; it is city government, the way I see it,” said Dave Workman, spokesman for the Second Amendment Foundation.

“The police department may be stuck between a rock and a hard place. They’ve got to do what the administration tells them to do,” he told WND.

His group’s effort to protect Second Amendment rights in the nation’s capital has turned into a courtroom saga.
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