D-Day: June 6th 1944 as it happened

Found here: telegraph.co.uk by Richard Preston and Ben Hazell

As it happened hour by hour:

14.20 Périers, south of Sword beach, is liberated by the Staffordshire Yeomanry.

14.10 Company Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis of the Green Howards is having a remarkable day. After landing at Gold beach, he investigates two German pillboxes with his company commander. He takes all but five of the occupants of the first pillbox prisoner and then captures 26 prisoners from the second. Then he clears a neighbouring trench.

Later he leads an attack on an enemy position containing a field gun and Spandau machine guns; then after withdrawing returns to fetch two men left behind.

He will be the only winner of a Victoria Cross on D Day.

13.50 Despite a leaflet drop over Caen earlier, warning civilians of an Allied air attack, there are many casualties.


13.45 Progress at Omaha is thanks in no small part to the fighting spirit of the 29th Infantry Division, led by Maj Gen Norman “Dutch” Cota, one of the highest ranking officers on the beaches. He had taken a pessimistic view of the landings, realising the perils that awaited. But now his indomitable spirit shines through.

Meeting the commander of the 5th Ranger Battalion, Cota asks “What outfit is this?” A voice shouts “5th Rangers!” To which Cota answers: “Well, God damn it then, Rangers, lead the way!”

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