Divider in Chief

ObamaWhy do our political leaders take important opportunities that could be used to unify, teach and prevent similar tragedies and instead use them for political gain and polarization? Mr. Obama told the Country, in remarks about the Trayvon Martin case, that “it could have been him” alluding to their ethnic similarity. Objectively, it could have been any 17 year old male of any race who made the same bad decisions.

Any young male displaying a sinister hooded look, while on drugs and choosing a confrontational response to an adult encounter made bad choices. The fact that his decisions resulted in his death is a profound tragedy.

But we question the response of America’s leadership. It is, not surprisingly, similar to their response to high profile criminal firearm acts. The political reaction is division and advancement of a preset political agenda not true prevention and long term corrective action.

By focusing on the racial aspect of this story and not the behavioral aspect, Mr. Obama not only loses a major opportunity for instruction but advances attitudes of blame as opposed to accountability.


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