Do Gun Rights Arguments Really Need Context?

Found here: by Jenn Jacques

Every once in a while, an article is written by a blogger or journalist that demonstrates exactly how idiotic gun control talking points can be. Much to my surprise, this morning I came across such an article on The Blaze, one of my go-to news sources at the start of each day.

This article, Four Gun Rights Arguments We Need to Stop Making, is so full of idiotic drivel, that it quite literally hurt my head to read it. There are so many things wrong with Alasdair Denvil’s position piece that I was momentarily silenced at the level of derp I had just intellectually ingested. His incoherent meandering drivel wanders back and forth between lucid realizations and maddening lunacy, which only serves to make the head hurt more and confuse the readers into a trance-like state of madness.

While I do acknowledge that Alasdair claims to be a supporter of gun rights in his article, I don’t know one single pro-Second Amendment citizen who would ever say anything like he does in this nauseating diatribe. It has literally taken me two hours to even begin to be able to break down all his asinine points in an effort to show just how crazy gun control advocates really are. Heaven help me, here we go.

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