Gun Control Advocates are Paying for Fake Studies, Because FACTS Don’t Support Gun Control

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Washington, DC – -( On January 8th, 2013, the Obama Administration met with 23 large foundations to organize a push for national gun control. They included such organizations as the Open Society Institute, the McCormick Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Endowment.

As one participant said: “There’s only one reason why you get a bunch of deep-pocketed funders on the phone.”

In 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $250 million to Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health to hire new professors, many whose primary objective is to do expanding research on gun violence.

President Obama has also been directing federal government funds towards gun control projects. Still other funds are being set up, such as the Fund for a Safer Future, which has $16 million to fund gun control research and is one of the many gun control projects being partially funded George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Recently, the MacArthur foundation has also been given a large million dollar grant. The public health research being funded is very flawed (e.g., see the discussion here on Kellermann).

Who is fighting against this flood of bogus research?

The Crime Prevention Research Center.

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