Gun Control Makes No Sense

Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper himself defined hoplophobe, a word he coined, as a “mental aberration consisting of an unreasoning terror of gadgetry, specifically, weapons.” Today that seems to present itself most often in folks who are scared of the AR type rifle simply based on looks, but the condition is not limited just to the modern line of firearms.  Many of the firearms hunted down by the anti-gun crowd are simple and basic, no frills or fanciness involved. That tells me it’s not necessarily just the modern aspect that scares so many people, but the basic function and capabilities a firearm offers. So what causes people to infer so much about firearms that no one would dream of applying to any another inanimate object?

One example is an automobile. Everyday, millions of people hurdle themselves at unnatural speeds for countless miles aboard machines that require a perfectly timed series of small high pressure contained explosions utilizing a poisonous material. And how many people do you read about lobbying for the cessation of vehicle operation? What about the foods we eat? Everyday, millions of people gorge themselves on all manner of man-made nutritional atrocities. Seen many people demanding Burger King and Krispy Kreme be shut down? How about the millions of people that on a daily basis use evil tools of terror like pitch forks, baseball bats, and bush axes?

Most tools used for hunting, gathering, or building are actually being used to destroy as well. A bow or gun kills a deer, but also feeds a family and replaces a natural predator.  A chainsaw destroys a tree, but the timber rendered can build any manner of things. A rational person does not fear a chainsaw hanging on the wall, but probably knows there are safe and unsafe ways to use it. I’ve never had someone walk into my living room and faint from the sight of my bow hanging on the wall, yet it has taken more lives than my 1911.

Individuals who exhibit a fear of guns are in my opinion actually afraid of the responsibility that inherently attaches itself to the operator of the firearm. I will give them this; they did have the presence of mind to select the easier path. If a person never trains with a firearm, they will never miss the bulls-eye or worry about safe handling. If a person hates what a firearm represents in their eyes, then they will never carry around a steel weight on their belt. They will never have to spend their hard-earned money on ammunition or cleaning supplies or proper training. And, to their reasoning, they will also never have to accept the personal responsibility for the safety of their families. These people never do a loop around a gas station to make sure it’s safe, they always sit with their backs to the door, and they have no problem getting on a plane hoping TSA caught the bad guys at the gate. These people are more than comfortable trusting only their cell phone to keep them safe at night, knowing that there’s no way a person could get from the living room window to their bedroom faster than the police can arrive on the scene. I’ll give it to ‘em, it must be nice.

For those of us who can’t shake the burden of responsibility, we understand the difference between fear and respect.  We understand that a firearm can and does save lives, but could potentially be used for evil. We also understand that you don’t bring mace to a gunfight unless you want to die. And telling me I can’t have an Ak 47 because they’re just not necessary is ridiculous. If the government is scared that they may be physically hindered by a firearm of that nature in their pursuit of complete and total control, GOOD.

The bad guys may from time to time get their hands on a legally purchased firearm. But all the illegal drugs consumed in the US are all grown or processed locally…. right? There is no way a gang could go to a neighboring country, purchase whatever they want and have far more firepower than a civilian who follows his county’s new rules and has a Glock 22 with seven rounds in his magazine. No chance that will happen. There is no chance that a natural disaster will draw out the evil in some people and cause large groups to begin going from house to house taking whatever they want. Oh wait, these things have already happened, sorry.

Most of us here on the Right have had a conversation or two with an anti-gun nut at some point. Some of us have tried to reason with them and listened to their points on the subject. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that any person who refuses to absorb simple statistics because they don’t support their agenda cannot be reasoned with. You will never convince them that you want the good guys to be able to fend off the bad guys and win. However, you will also never try and make it a law for them to arm themselves because it is your opinion that an unarmed individual is easy prey.

Well, I’ve grown up with guns all around me, and I’ve carried at least one for many years. As of yet, I’ve never been possessed by a firearm and have it force me to do something my brain didn’t tell it to. When that happens, you’ll be the first to know.

JB out.


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