Gun Free Zones – Naïve, Negligent, and Irresponsible

Dad profile picFew would argue that children are not our world’s greatest blessing and treasure. Yet many, out of fear and ignorance, naively rely upon an unenforceable mandate, “Gun Free Zones”, for their children’s safety while attending school.  These same people rely on law enforcement, with average response times of over 9 minutes, for their own protection as well.

A society that spends billions of dollars on home security systems, armed protection for its leaders and celebrities, security guards for its businesses, and armed personnel to prevent terrorist attacks on airplanes are satisfied by the unenforceable mandate of “Gun Free Zones” to protect their children.  The same mindset promulgated by the Washington elite leaves America’s services members unarmed and defenseless on base while home and abroad.

What convoluted thinking or political agenda leads to this profound hypocrisy and ineptness? These policies disarm our most highly trained patriots, and leave our children unprotected. This defies both reason and logic. Are there any  instances in human history where simply stating a desired outcome has been sufficient to prevent evil from committing atrocities? Do laws by their mere existence assure compliance? If so, why do we need law enforcement, courts and prisons?

Not only does the “gun free zone” model fail the logic test, but maybe even more damaging is its unintended consequence of making such sites attractive targets. For the deranged mind seeking relief from obscurity and emotional pain, the opposing solutions of notoriety and instant relief through self-destruction, make defenseless “gun free” schools a one-stop answer.

We know that there are mentally deranged and evil people in this world. We know that these people will seek to strike out to harm for maximum shock effect. Yet with this knowledge, there are those who deny reality and therefore naively attempt to protect through words not deeds. “Gun free” declarations are akin to “child on board’ stickers on cars, or the wishful thinking and delusion of an “accident free zone” sticker providing protection from drunk drivers. These same people embrace air bags and seat belts but not an effective defense in our schools. Illogical yes – irresponsible maybe.

Solutions exist and should be determined at the local level. Whether that includes secured entries, armed security and/or arming trained teachers, faculty or staff – or better yet a combination of these – active steps for prevention and protection should be unquestionably embraced and implemented.


3 thoughts on “Gun Free Zones – Naïve, Negligent, and Irresponsible

  1. Peter Stanford says:

    I hope you don’t mind me calling you Marty. We both agree that the victims, their loved ones, and their community should and do receive our thoughts and prayers after such a heinous and thoughtless act occurs. It has become obvious to some that very little thought was put into the reaction to what happened here. In fact thousands are openly defying the laws that were put into effect. I was one of those who followed the laws to the letter, but just use my words to exercise my opposition to what the politicians did faced with the massive amount of people who couldn’t possibly have had the needed amount of time to think through the laws that were enacted. Almost all of the people were those that had other motives, felt that the victims survivors needed their “help”, or had their own dislike for firearms. Now that some reasonable time has passed, people are talking about how maybe we should act to overturn most of the laws that came out of that particular act. Firearm
    purchases are at an all-time high. CCW applications are flooding in. I just hope this reaction turns out to have positive results.
    I’d hate to see a lack of training, cause safety issues that certain groups have said we should expect. I, personally do not expect the problems predicted, I believe we have a handle on the training needed.

  2. Peter Stanford says:

    I agree with Mr. Giudice. He has obviously thought the subject through. The people who haven’t given much thought
    on the subject are sadly the survivors of a violent act involving a firearm. I am from Connecticut. I am now living under
    some of the most unthought out legislation ever to have taken place. A crime occurred, perpetrated by a mentally ill
    person after he had murdered his own mother. He then proceeded to a “gun free” zone (a school). He used his mothers
    obviously poorly, maybe even illegally stored firearm. She was a legal gunowner, he was not. After he massacred almost
    two dozen children and a half dozen adults he shot himself dead. The politicians, who decided that schools should be gunfree,
    immediately began to think new gun laws needed to be enacted. After all, when the politicians realized that a large group
    of voters had decided that a gun had committed the crime, their knee-jerk reaction was to outlaw the type of firearm used in the crime. And, oh why not, limit the amount of rounds in a magazine of ANY type of firearm to oh, let’s say 10. Nothing
    about the crime, the person who committed it, how it could have happened, how it DID happen, why it happened where it did, nothing was thought through. The conclusion they came to, without any thought was that the criminal was a firearm.
    Oh yes, I forgot, The crime occurred in December 2013, the law went into effect in April 2014. I’ve been overly verbose in my agreeing with Mr. Guidice. My point after everything I have said is…………there are even more “gun free zones” being created
    here now. Absolutely nothing was learned from this heinous crime.

    • Martin F. Giudice says:


      Your thoughtful response and support are deeply appreciated. Our thoughts and prayers always go out to the victims, their loved ones and their community. Although mindless and ineffective “gun free zones” remain part of the reaction, we believe and hope that an awakening is occurring. More communities and schools are embracing the meaningful response of prevention and protection through strength.

      Thank you,


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