Gun law hopes to stop killers in advance

Found here: by Steven Greenhut

 — Gun-control efforts often center on hardware, such as limiting or banning the ownership of particular firearms and ammunition. But in California this year,the most significant new gun-related law is less about the guns and more about identifying people who might be too dangerous to own them.

AB 1014 creates a Gun Violence Restraining Order that allows people who suspect a family member is mentally unstable or dangerous to get a court order forbidding that person from owning weaponry and ammo. The Legislature passed the bill in reaction to the tragic mass murder in May at Isla Vista.

“This year’s mass shooting near Santa Barbara left six dead and 13 wounded,” said U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, following the governor’s bill signing. “The gunman’s mother saw signs that her son was a danger, yet she was powerless to prevent him from possessing firearms — even temporarily.”

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One thought on “Gun law hopes to stop killers in advance

  1. Clever, clever politicians. I think I’ve said something about the guise of benevolence before, and this fits that right down to the ground. “WE didn’t want to take his guns, his (fill in the blank) did!” As the linked article explains, this is Minority Report. I’m not downplaying the importance of firearm safety, but guns are aren’t even in the top ten causes of death in 2012, what could possibly be the true motives behind such a masked legislation? Of course, HIV/AIDS are in the top ten, but let’s encourage actions that lead down that road…

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