Gun Registration Is The First Step Towards Disarming The People

Found here: by Pierreguy Veer

Based on media reports, the Canadian province of Quebec is going to descend into chaos very soon. The Supreme Court ruled last week that data from its gun registry could be destroyed. It didn’t take long before the media started interviewing victims of the Polytechnique School, where 14 women were murdered by a gunman in 1989.

But rest assured, “La Belle Province” is going to keep its cool without the data from the gun registry. In fact, not having this registry is for the better. The reason is simple: a government that wants to control gun ownership in whatever way – registration, limitation, confiscation or outright ban – just doesn’t understand the risks involved, even if they are (relatively) democratic.

It couldn’t clearer with what happened in Germany following World War I. Stephen Halbrook, a well-known advocate for gun rights, traces the bone-chilling path taken starting in the Weimar Republic until the beginning of World War II in his masterpiece Gun Control in the Third Reich.

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