Home Invasion, Response Time and Law Enforcement

home-invasionYou and your family are in bed asleep when the sounds of a door being forcibly opened startle you awake. Muffled voices and rapid foot steps alert you to the fact of a forced entry and the sanctity of your home has been violated. Your family is in danger.

You reach for the phone and dial 911. Your heart pounds, hands sweat and mind races. An article recently read flashes through your mind. Law enforcement response time averages over nine minutes. You can’t remember whether your area’s interval was shorter or longer and you remember that sixty percent of sexual assaults occur during home invasions. You fear for the safety of your wife and daughter. The minutes seem like hours.

Violent crime statistics indicate that one out of five, or twenty percent, of American homes will be victimized by a home invasion at some time. Everyday, highly trained and valiant law enforcement professionals do their very best to react quickly to such calls. Their reaction always takes precious time. No one knows this better then the officers who arrive on such scenes. Their only question is what they will find.

Was the home owner prepared to protect themselves, loved ones, their property, and possessions? How many of the typical desperate possibly drug influenced perpetrators are involved? Entering your home what will they find? Your upbringing, past decisions and choices could very well determine the outcome.

Did you benefit from being raised in a family that embraced self reliance including firearm respect and skill? Did you support advocates of the 2nd Amendment including the NRA? Did you vote for candidates who understood and therefore supported individual liberty, founding principles, and your individual right to bear arms? Did you invest in proper training and time at a shooting range with a certified instructor? Do you have the competence and confidence to effectively use a firearm? Did you choose to level the playing field with those seeking to cause you and your family harm?

During the past 50 years, America’s hard won prosperity and over abundance has lulled many into believing their needs for protection and financial security are a given. The lessons of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy should be a wake up call. Fresh water, shelter, convenient food, and protection from violent crime are not guaranteed. Average response time to a home invasion will not protect you or your loved ones from potential catastrophic harm.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees your right to ‘keep and bear arms” for self protection.  For our country, for your family, for other potential vulnerable victims – please choose to be prepared, self reliant, and support the protection of that right.


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