If you believe in individual liberty, self-reliance and the Judeo-Christian principles of America’s Founding Fathers.

If you believe that the 2nd amendment ensures our individual, natural right to own and carry firearms for self-protection, and to deter tyranny shall not be infringed.

If you believe that private sector enterprise and free market capitalism are the real engines of economic growth and middle class prosperity.

If you believe that the army of regulators that comprise the EPA, IRS, DOL, Departments of Energy and Education and HHS are strangling small business, industry and global competitiveness while incessantly draining tax payer dollars.

If you believe in an energy independent America where projects and technologies like the Keystone pipeline, fracking, clean coal, nuclear energy and offshore drilling are responsibly unleashed to create hundreds of thousands of high pay jobs.

If you believe in a mandated balanced federal budget (wartime exception).


Tuesday’s, November 4th, midterm election represents a vital opportunity to make a real difference. Please vote for the candidate that best shares these values and beliefs. Inspire and when needed assist family members and neighbors to get out to vote.

Only through an overwhelming voter turnout that supports like-minded patriots will we stem the tide of the progressive liberal forces destroying America. We must take control of the Senate and increase our majority in the House!

Please Vote !


One thought on “IF?

  1. Rev. Fred Scarletto says:

    To Vote or not to Vote? This has never been a question I have ever pondered. The power of the Vote to someone not free is legend.
    From the days of Jesus to the ancient Greeks Freedom has been the ideal men have craved for in all ages. I have seen first hand in oppressed countries how the spirit of Freedom and the desire to Vote has toppled governments and sent tyrants scurrying to their rabbit holes in fear.. It is truly shameful that people in the United States of America choose not to exercise their franchise and not Vote.Tomorrow is a day that could change this countries future. Why would you not want to participate? Don’t let a talking head rob you of your franchise duty to cast your Vote. God Bless America!

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