The Incessant Creep of Big Government

Martin Giudice

Martin Giudice

Recently a family member underwent major surgery requiring the use of a prescription pain killer for several weeks. The pain killer, a miracle of modern medicine, has been on the market for many years providing pain relief to millions. To combat criminal abuse of the drug’s usage, new regulations took effect several weeks ago that now require pharmacies to have a written order from doctors to provide patients with this relief. In this day of digital wireless paperless communication, a patient must now have a signed piece of paper to get this prescription filled!

Electronic communication is secure enough for global financial transactions, military communications and personal discussions but not for this prescription. Patients who live great distances from their doctor and pharmacy must now drive for hours to secure a prescription refill. Doctors and their staffs must now write and hand sign each prescription to provide that refill. The new regulation will increase costs for all of us. In another “well-intentioned” attempt to reduce the abuse and criminal activity of a few, law abiding citizens pay the price.

Under the guise of “good-intentions” another small bite is taken out of our liberty. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients are impacted every day by the new regulations. Criminals, as usual, will find a way around the restrictions, just like the previous laws, to fulfill their habits and make a profit off of the vulnerability and exploitation of others. The nanny state grows while the criminal thrives. Only the law abiding citizen pays the price.

This type of regulatory and government expansion occurs under the radar every day. Regulators regulate and legislators legislate. It is their very nature and reason to exist. Never doubt that our 2nd amendment right is subject to these same forces. Individual liberty, self-reliance, personal accountability and consequences for individual decisions are foreign concepts in Washington D.C. and many State Capitols. For lack of finding and implementing real solutions to societal problems and criminal behavior, the government grows and individual liberty is diminished.

Combined with their overt politically motivated attacks on our 2nd amendment right, gun control advocates count this insidious regulatory force as their ally. If they can only take small bites out of individual liberty without much notice, their real goal of a totalitarian like state of control over the masses can be fulfilled. What we eat and drink and how we live will be dictated by the great all knowing ‘nanny’ of central government. Their eventual dream of gun control and confiscation can be realized.

Without exception the Democratic incumbents and candidates running for office this November 4, support this incessant creep of big government. They have or will support the current administration’s policies 98% of the time. They will vote for more regulation, higher taxes, less freedom, more social engineering by judges and a diminished American military capability. They will facilitate the secular destruction of Judeo-Christian principles and practices at the very heart of American exceptionalism.

Get out and VOTE! We must take over the United States Senate. Whether your local “conservative” candidate is labeled Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party or other, if you are not passionate about voting for them, vote against the liberal candidate. Help like-minded family, friends and neighbors get out and vote.

To truly stop the growth of big government might very well require a revolution someday. Until that time, knowledge, constructive informed conversation and our vote are our most powerful weapons against tyranny.


2 thoughts on “The Incessant Creep of Big Government

  1. Martin Giudice says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and passionate comment. I too believe in universal health care just not in the manner dictated and managed by Washington. The cost of health care has risen for many years due to increased government regulation and frivolous law suits. We were Blessed to have had more than 3 generations of Doctors in our family. Their first hand stories of how increased government regulations and reporting requirements combined with out of control malpractice insurance drove them from private practice, created nursing shortages the need for nurses to turn into administrators versus care givers are heart breaking. The expanded requirements of “Obamacare” will only make this worse and does nothing to address these structural issues. Not too long ago, private practice physicians (like our family members) delivered care in their communities at no charge to patients who could not afford to pay. This is all but impossible today. For more insight into this important matter, you might want to read the information found at the following links:

    There are “conservative alternatives” . I especially like those put forth by Dr. Ben Carson.

    Once again – thank you!

  2. Penny Hoffland says:

    Martin Giudice,
    My doctor hands me authorized written prescriptions when I have an appointment. I give them to the pharmacist to be placed in my file. It is not an added expense.. Also, the doctor or his nurse can fax, phone, or send an authorization upon request.
    This is not a policy to blame upon democrats. Affordable Health care is essential, if we are to be a compassionate country.. Thus, the Affordable Health Care Act has provided insurance for millions and is successful in helping many people. The republicans tried to repeal it (with no alternative), unsuccessfully, approximately 50 times in Congress. If it is working, there seems to be less negative chatter now…

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