“Keep your hands off our guns, dammit!” -Sheriff David Clarke Jr. [VIDEO]


James Giudice

James Giudice

At the 2014 NRA National Convention, those are the seven words Sheriff Clarke said he would add to the 2nd Amendment.

As you recall, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently made headlines talking about the “5 little words” he would add to the 2nd Amendment. Let there be no doubt we are at a critical junction in our nation’s history, and it is leaders like Sheriff David Clarke Jr. who are our only hope for a return to our founding principles.

There are those who believe that the age of the free individual is coming to an end. That the world has become so complex, and technology so advanced that finally the utopia could be realized if only we would concentrate more power with the omnipotent central planners. For after all, they know what’s best for you. This is the very poison that our founders worked tirelessly to ensure never infected America. They sought to forge iron-clad documents, written in such a clear and concise manner that no one could misinterpret their intention. Documents that seek to enshrine and protect the sanctity of individual freedom for all time. These principles are currently under siege from all sides, but with a free people united in the just cause of liberty any evil can be over come.

I cannot say it better myself so please enjoy Sheriff Clarke’s speech:


There is nothing more important on this earth than protecting the freedom of the individual. No security, no comfort, nothing else matters when men are no longer free. It is time for us to stand united with men like Sheriff Clarke and carry out our most sacred duty, defend liberty.


“When I put my hand on the Bible and made that promise to defend freedom I damn well meant it!.” -Sheriff David Clarke Jr.



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  1. Wish we had more Sheriffs like him!

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