He May Be the First Person Charged Under Conn. Gun Registration Law — But Why Did Police Take ‘Several’ of His Legal Guns for ‘Safe Keeping’?

Found here: theblaze.com by Jason Howerton

Police arrested a 65-year-old man in Milford, Conn., after he allegedly got a squirrel in his yard on Monday. Upon further investigation, officers recovered an unregistered “assault rifle” and three “large-capacity magazines.”

Now James Toigo faces a plethora of gun-related charges, including unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to an animal, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, failure to register an assault rifle and three counts of possessing large-capacity magazines.

Under Connecticut’s hastily-passed gun control law, gun owners are required to register their so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines with the state or face a class D felony. Many have argued the law is unconstitutional because gun owners who previously purchased firearms and magazines legally can be retroactively turned into criminals.

Police officers reportedly heard a gunshot nearby while they were directing traffic in the area. Authorities reportedly determined that Toigo shot the squirrel.

The firearm used to shoot the squirrel was not the semi-automatic rifle that police later confiscated. Officers also seized “several” other guns, even though they were not used in a crime and were legal.

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