Michael Bloomberg donates $350,000 to fight Colorado recall efforts

Found Here on TheDenverPost.com by Lynn Bartels

Michael Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The recall elections for two Democratic lawmakers has become a political soap opera — with subplots, new characters and daily developments — that Tuesday included a $350,000 donation from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo face separate recall elections in their districts on Sept. 10 for supporting gun-control legislation in the 2013 session.

Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, supported the gun measures, which passed the Democratic-controlled legislature and were signed into law by Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Bloomberg donated the money to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy, which is fighting both recall efforts, according to campaign finance reports filed Tuesday. Recall opponents were quick to point out that more than 17,000 individuals have donated to efforts supporting Morse and Giron.

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