Mother of Two Avoids Prison Time in New Jersey Gun Case

Found here: by Bob Adelmann

Shaneen Allen, a phlebotomist from Philadelphia and single mother of two, started breathing normally again on Wednesday when Atlantic County, New Jersey, prosecutor Jim McLain decided not to prosecute her under New Jersey’s draconian Graves Act and offered her New Jersey’s Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) instead.

Allen accepted the offer as an alternative to the mandatory three-to-five years she was facing for mere possession of a firearm while traveling from Philadelphia into New Jersey last October. Pulled over for a minor traffic violation, she made the mistake of informing the arresting officer that she was carrying a weapon in the car along with a concealed weapons permit from Pennsylvania. She had just received the permit and had purchased the handgun a week earlier and, despite going through some training, she was not aware that her Pennsylvania license wouldn’t apply in New Jersey. By offering information to the officer that wasn’t requested, Allen was immediately arrested and charged with possession of a firearm under New Jersey’s Graves Act. She has had this monkey on her back for nearly a year.

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