New Missouri Law Encourages Schools To Teach First-Graders About Gun Safety

Eddie Eagle

In between learning how to read and perform simple addition, some Missouri first-graders may soon also be taught gun safety.

On Friday, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law a bill that includes a provision encouraging Missouri schools to teach a National Rifle Association-sponsored, gun-safety class to some of the state’s littlest learners. The legislation, which was first proposed a day before the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012, gives schools the freedom to determine whether or not they would like to offer the course, according to Fox News. Schools that offer the program are eligible to apply for additional state funding.

The NRA course is called the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program and it has been offered in states across the country since its inception in 1988. However, Missouri is one of a handful of states that supports using the program specifically in law. Other states may be allowed to teach the class, but only Missouri and several other states explicitly endorse the program in legislation, reports Fox News. Read more here.


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