A Prayer for America  

Dear God,

Recently Lord, it feels like America has lost your favor by turning to man-made solutions for life’s challenges. Many have forgotten or never been taught the age old truth that all good things come from above.

America has lost its moral compass.  Following the authentic righteousness found in Your word, and embraced by our founding fathers, is the path of too few. Your Blessings that lead America to 200 hundred years of growth and prosperity appear to be in jeopardy.

Seeking and following the favor of social engineering by our leaders, courts and schools have lead us to vulnerability and spiritual decline. Our families are failing and the innocents are slaughtered. Evil is flourishing throughout the world and has come to our land. Confidence in a brighter future is fading.

This Tuesday’s election gives us the opportunity to vote for a change of direction. A small but important step towards founding principles, family values and Your word. Please bless us with the wisdom to participate and make good choices.

Restore America to a land of righteousness, Judeo-Christian principles, prosperity and strength that we may again be an instrument of freedom and peace throughout the world.



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