Self Reliance in America Today

“Self reliance is the ability to depend on yourself to get things done to meet your own needs”. –

WWII Veterans

As WWII ended, fifteen million men and women returned to the main streets of America trained, disciplined and deeply grateful to be alive and in “the land of the free and home of the brave”. Each one was skilled in at least one meaningful discipline and capable of self defense with a firearm, as were most of their parents as many of them were also survivors of WWI and the great depression.

This amazing group of people and their families built an economy and level of prosperity unparalleled in human history. They defended, shared and lived the American dream of raising a family and owning a home.  With limited government regulation and interference in daily life, they raised a generation of children that for the most part did not know fear, want or toil. Most maintained their own homes and cars. When needing help family and neighbors were nearby to lend a hand or expertise. Wasting little, such things as screws, nut and bolts were kept and stored in jars for future use. Home, family, job and country were celebrated.

1950s Work

With prosperity, subsequent generation’s lives and perspectives changed. Sadly, the family became second to self actualization and the accumulation of things. Self reliance was replaced by convenience and career. With the rise of dual income couples came increases in divorce, out of wedlock birth, single parent homes and abortion. We started to believe that with enough money all our wants and needs could be fulfilled. The skills for self sufficiency and the joy of working side by side with family and neighbors fell by the wayside.

A false sense of security based upon financial wherewithal replaced true self reliance. The age old need of capability including protection of self, family and property was delegated to others. Schools no longer embraced and taught American history, founding principles and traditional values. The Christmas carols we sang in elementary school were replaced with secular pageants. “Feel good” recognition replaced achievement based child development.

The false sense of self reliance in today’s America comes from the “drive- through” at McDonalds, the convenience store gas pumps and our credit cards. Is it any wonder why the sense of well being and happiness that only comes from family, faith, earned skills and achievement is lacking?

Self reliance and its associated traditional values still exist largely outside of the urban areas whose residents vote in lockstep for bigger government. Living under a false sense of security that more government control will lead to security and equal outcome, they vote for statists. They do not value self reliance because they are not self reliant. Is it any wonder why an election map confirms this stark polarization in voting results from red versus blue states?

Likewise, buying a firearm does not make us capable of self protection, a competent sportsman or hunter. As in all aspects of life, self reliance is achieved through hard work, skill development and earned achievement. Self reliance is rooted in knowing you can take care of your family, home and country.


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    You’ve nailed it Marty!

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