Sometimes Outmanned. Never Outgunned.

Dave Solano

Dave Solano

I am not writing this to rally troops to a cause to go and topple a regime. Sometimes folks need a reminder as to exactly what it is we need to remember in order to remain a great and prosperous nation.

In the wake of political drama, I pause to think about this nation, and how much it means to me. I have had the privilege to serve with some of the worlds finest warriors, in the darkest corners of the world, battling the evil things that want to do nothing more than destroy my way of life. When I think about these times, I am angered by the lack of understanding of these matters that most Americans have, or lack of interest.

This nation is represented through tales of bravery, from the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terror, where American men stood out manned against overwhelming odds, knowing that each breath they took at that moment could be their last. For men like these, there is a fire that burns deep within their soul that urges them to hunt down and destroy those that would attack their way of life. They are cut from a different cloth, made from a different mold. The men that don’t do a song and dance because someone that has never filled their shoes wants them too. These men know, and have known from birth, that their way of life would be tested by those who did not understand it or hate it, and that there must be men in place to defend it.

Operation Red Wings, as portrayed in Lone Survivor, is a popular story right now. American men, out-manned, faced a determined enemy and one made it out alive but all paid in blood. This is not just a representation of our nation this is our nation. We are always out-manned. In the face of a determined enemy, now at home just as much as abroad, we must stay true to our belief system. We must not compromise the sanctity of our beliefs because someone that does not understand our country says that these beliefs are archaic and wrong. Our way of life is at stake. The Constitution is not only a document preserved in the nations capitol, it is a symbol. It is a symbol of what we fight for and have fought for throughout history. It is a symbol of our Republic. A Constitutional Republic is what our forefathers gave us when they decided to give birth to the American nation as opposed to remaining a British colony.

Americans now travel the globe, utilizing the proverbial Offensive Defense. This means we hunt instead of being hunted, we strike first instead of striking back. There are people in this world that want to see the idea of our nation snuffed out like a dying candle in winter, to never be re-ignited. These people would see our people wiped from the history books, and take every opportunity to try and tear out a page or two, in order to later re-write it in their own language. When they fail at one fight they take up another. Not in the mountains of Afghanistan, but in the streets of our nation. They use our politics and laws against us to make us out to be the monsters that started this fight. Looking back over history, we haven’t started many conflicts, we have mostly been the ones to finish them. I hear folks say, “Why are we there? What is the reason? They’ve got nothing we need, they didn’t do anything to us.” THEY are working tirelessly day and night to be able to penetrate our defenses and cause us harm where ever we may go, and our presence is required in order to keep them at bay.

I was once told to be a “Templar Knight” of my community. Of course you realize this needs to be applied to your nation and your beliefs. Be ever vigilant, and defend to your very last breath what this country stands for. We The People, are that line of defense. We are the Templar Knights, standing guard over our freedoms and liberties, our history and our customs. If you think that we are in the age of enlightenment and peace, and everyone has your best interest at heart, you might be the one who needs to be enlightened. There are still those that would take everything from us for the sake of merely beating out their opponent at the other podium. They will try, and try again, and we must be willing to go blow for blow so that they may understand that we are wary of their plots and schemes. We must stand together not just in fair weather, but when the storm approaches. We must weather it together, and not bend or break in high winds. This is a storm we can fight and win if we work together to preserve what it is we stand for.

Do not be discouraged. Help your fellow countrymen understand that if we are ignorant to the ways of the enemy, then our fight is already lost. Become wise to his dealings, and act accordingly to counter them. Do not slip into paranoia, but maintain situational awareness. You do not need to travel to some distant battlefield to show your true patriotism. Our fight is both here and there. We as the American people are always out-manned. But it is up to you and I to ensure that we are never outgunned. There is a warrior soul in all of us when properly forged. Do not think it unnecessary to stay vigilant, and think that others will do it for you. If everyone thought that way, we would not be here now.

Keep standing for what our country is built upon and our foundation will never crumble, you are the brick and mortar that holds it together. Stand with us to defend individual liberty and the 2nd amendment.





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One thought on “Sometimes Outmanned. Never Outgunned.

  1. I don’t understand how such a fundamental element of this country’s handful of founding principles can be so easily forgotten and ignored. The likes of Piers Morgan (how is he here, anyway?) and his fellow brainiacs are petrified by the idea that modern sporting rifles exist in and among our society today to contribute to the replacement of a tyrannical government. What has changed inside men over so short a time that they can transition from being ready, willing, and able to kick tyranny right out of their country to just the idea of conflict seeming abhorrent? Can it be possible that this nation has become so prideful that we imagine ourselves above such things?

    Threat of “being replaced” is the one of the control measures for government implemented by the Founding Fathers. If a station in this country’s government has become corrupt, and yet commands a military, what will be required for Free America’s survival?

    Gentlemen, chaos is not the answer, anarchy is not an option. FAIR GOVERNMENT, few and honest laws, and responsibility on free citizens’ shoulders is what must be achieved!

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