Texas legislature looks to expand gun rights – roll back ban on open carry

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Known as the capital of the American gun culture, lawmakers in Texas are preparing to push a handful of bills through the state legislature that expands the rights of gun owners.

Lawmakers say some of the bills being considered include lifting a ban on open carry of handguns. If Texas, which currently allows concealed handguns, rolls back its century-old ban, it would be the largest state in the country to do so.

Of the states that ban open carry, Texas easily has the most gun-friendly reputation. The state holds the most federal firearms license holders and has few restrictions on gun ownership. Republican Gov. Rick Perry and state lawmakers have lobbied gun makers to move to the state.

Texas allows the public display of long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, and open carry advocates have staged high-profile rallies at the Alamo and state Capitol. Concealed handguns are allowed inside the Capitol, where license holders can bypass metal detectors.

But Texas still insists handguns be kept out of sight.

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One thought on “Texas legislature looks to expand gun rights – roll back ban on open carry

  1. Rev. Fred Scarletto says:

    Once again, Texas, stands out front in the fight to arm and maintain its citizens. Like the Alamo it is saying we will not go quietly into the night. We will not allow a shamefully ignorant populace to dictate our states laws. Once before we allowed the Alamo to be sacrificed for the common good. let us now rally around the flag of Texas and support Governor Perry and the patriots of the Lone star state of Texas. God Bless the United States!.

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