The 2nd Amendment – John Stossel Report

Facts and the truth are stubborn things. No matter how some people try to bend them, when confronted by the facts – spurious and emotional positions will often yield to the truth. John Stossel’s fact based examination of actual effects of gun control upon a society clearly concludes that restricting the right of law biding citizens to keep and bear arms does not reduce the use of firearms for criminal acts. If anything it emboldens criminals to exploit the most vulnerable in our society.

The value of armed self protection is confirmed in testimonials, and the falsehood of gun control reducing crime is confirmed by a close examination of the statistical results of gun bans in cities such as Washington D.C. Watch this video and come to your own conclusions. Equipped with the facts, it remains difficult to understand why so many politicians and media pundits continue to attack the 2nd Amendment if they are truly committed to preventing violent crime in America. We cannot convince everyone, but through the spread of truth and hard statistical data we can sway enough to ensure our individual rights are protected.


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