The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment by David Barton

The 2nd Amendment is not about guns, it is about freedom.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Written by James Madison and adopted and approved by the United States Congress, President and ratified by the States in 1791, the 2nd Amendment is a preeminent piece of America’s “Bill of Rights”. The necessity of these ten amendments to the constitution was agreed upon in spirit and principle by the signers of our Constitution. Each amendment and as a whole were clearly meant to establish and preserve America’s most basic and important individual liberties. It took five years to draft and adopt these amendments.

America’s founding fathers understood that securing America’s future was dependent upon a central government empowered to protect citizen’s fundamental rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The order of the first two amendments is not by accident. When freedom of speech and a representative government fails to uphold our founding principles; citizens must be able to protect themselves and their families from the tyranny that is sure to follow. This concern combined with the recognized need for self defense and maintaining the capability to provide for the table through hunting these twin pillars of self reliance – lead to the strongest of protections embodied in “shall not be infringed upon”.

As students of history and witnesses of the unrestrained dictatorial power of an English monarchy, the founders sought to establish a structure and system of government inherently restrained from interfering in  citizen’s individual ability to enjoy  the benefits and the consequences of their choice to either practice or reject an industrious life.  Taking care of the less fortunate was not foreseen as a responsibility of the government but as routinely practiced and addressed by charitable acts of the individual, churches and families for their loved ones and neighbors. The rise of entitlements parallel the fall of the family and Judeo / Christian values in America paving the way for growth of central government power and intrusion into the rights of the individual and those reserved for the States.

Ironically, America’s birth and prosperity was largely dependent upon the dismantling of the trappings and control of “Royalty” and its current decline is largely due to the malicious and incompetent control by a the new class of Washington D. C. centered “Royalty” comprised of “life long” politicians, the rule of lawyers not law, bureaucrats and regulators. These people lead lives that the private sector common man can only dream. With their power and prestige directly emanating from the control and dole of massive amounts of tax payer money and direct growth and influence of regulations and appointments, the incumbents have the job security reminiscent of feudal times past.

The roots of the polarization so apparent in America today is not fostered by differences between the rich and the poor but by the growing separation of realities between the private sector versus government provided “tenured” financial security of the politician and public worker.

It is these groups and those they manipulate through power and influence, who so vehemently protect the “collective” well being! Each depends upon taxation for security and by the control and/or destruction of individual rights and freedoms.  This is primal force is behind the figurative and real disarming of Americans! It is the cause of negligent out of control taxation, regulation and spending!

Defending the 2nd Amendment is at the heart of protecting and preserving all fundamental American freedoms! This site will be dedicated to that pursuit through the sharing of thoughts, sources of information, history and constructive discussion. Our goal is to identify and implement actions that will ensure the great American legacy of economic and spiritual prosperity derived from individual liberty, the rule of law and self reliance is sustained.  Prevention of violence can only be achieved through winning the battle for minds and hearts, teaching the immediate and eternal consequences one’s behavior and the efficient application of the rule of law.

Please join us in this discussion and drive for solutions to save the American Dream.

“In God We Trust” – Official Motto of the United States

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