The Common Core Guide that Reignited Conservative Fury Over How Students Learn About Gun Rights

Found here: the by Walter Wuthmann

In the wake of the 2013 Newtown shootings, two English teachers — one from Sacramento, California, the other from Salt Lake City, Utah — co-published a five-page curriculum on how to teach gun issues to children. Called “The Battle Over Gun Control,” the document supplies statistics about gun violence in the United States, and asks students to argue for and against stricter gun laws in a variety of exercises.

The two-year-old curriculum didn’t draw national attention until last month, after it was reposted following the shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. Conservative pundits were quick to bash the handout over its treatment of gun ownership in the U.S. “Common Core-aligned writing lesson on gun debate fuels claims of political agenda,” declared a headline on the Fox News website. “Pro-gunners outraged over Common Core gun policy lesson,” wrote Jennifer Cruz for’s take was “Common Core’s brainwashing study plan on gun violence has patriots seeing red.”

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