The Constitution and Bill of Rights Were Created for These Times

US-ConstitutionOur founding fathers were brilliant and blessed with incredible foresight. The Constitution and Bill Rights of The United States of America are not living documents, they are iron clad and they were written specifically for times like these. They were written for the time when our government became too large and too powerful and infringed upon our individual liberties at every opportunity. That time is now.

I have tremendous respect for Thomas Jefferson, and personally believe he is one of the most intelligent men in recorded history. Thomas Jefferson is often cited for saying




“Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.” 




While Jefferson did say this it is important to remember two things. First and most importantly, he lost this argument. His view was in the extreme minority and men like James Madison disagreed. Second, had he won, Jefferson believed firmly in natural law and the rights of man which means any newly revised or re-drafted constitution that Jefferson would find acceptable would still fundamentally protect the rights of the individual.

Our founders knew that over time power corrupts, and we needed a document written in concise and unambiguous language that would permanently prevent the erosion of liberty. We are living in the time for which these documents exist. We live in the time of government control. Our current administration takes our liberty and promises security, removes our ability to choose our own course and promises to care for us, and tries to tell us we do not need to provide for our individual security of person, possession, and property that they too can take care of our security. In this time when our government infringes upon all we hold dear, the only thing we have to protect us are these sacred documents.

It is now, more than ever, that we must stand united and tell our government there is a point past which they must not advance. That the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not living documents, but are meant for strict interpretation and designed to protect our individual liberty. Now is our time, the further we allow government to encroach into our lives the more difficult it becomes to unhinge such a burden and the less free we become. Now is our time for choosing, we must choose liberty.

Benjamin Franklin



“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.”


– Benjamin Franklin


3 thoughts on “The Constitution and Bill of Rights Were Created for These Times

  1. N Frederick Hager says:

    Until the government (or the people, because we are not the same thing anymore) stops REWARDING individuals for being victims, nothing will change. The weak will jump at the chance to run off at the mouth and be protected by someone else. People would rather have life insurance than a .357. Until everyone has to work and fight for what they want, nothing will change.

  2. Travis Graham says:

    The battle between security and individual liberty is occurring right now! This week, the House rejected an amendment to defund the NSA program. There are currently massive storage facilities in Utah that record private phone conversations and e-mails between American citizens. Talk about unintended consequences, this program started out to help stop terrorism and track phone calls of suspected terrorists. Are we surprised that the government has taken the ball and ran with it to store our phone conversations and e-mails?

    • Some people shrug this argument off, refusing to believe that our government can and will in fact begin taking away our freedom. Sadly, it has already occurred and will continue to do so until we stop it. How do we stop it? We only vote for pro-freedom (pro-constitution/bill of rights) candidates. We also bombard currently politicians with pro-freedom messages. It is the best way in the present to effect the debate. Over time if we are effective we can change the political landscape, but it will take a tremendous effort and unity among those of us who understand and desire to remain free.

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