A Time For Choosing

Fifty years ago, Ronald Reagan delivered a literal “call to arms” for thoughtful Americans to choose between a future of self-reliance and individual liberty versus a big government nanny state dictated by a growing Washington elite. The current administration, and the democratic senators and congressmen who in lock step support it, epitomize this elitist mentality and agenda that threatens the very future of the American dream.

With the critical November 4 election rapidly approaching, please take time to view President Reagan’s inspirational warning and call to action.

Your vote for like-minded candidates who embrace Judeo-Christian values, the traditional family, smaller government, free market capitalism and our 2nd amendment right for self-protection need our support. It is a time to choose – let your voice be heard!



2 thoughts on “A Time For Choosing

  1. Susie Kirschner says:

    Great post, Marty! I’m passing it on.

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