Time for Californians to Get Their Gun Rights Back

Found here: americanthinker.com by Jay Clarke

I have lived and worked in this area for many years.  It’s my community – my neighborhood.  It’s where my kids went to school, rode their bikes, and played in the park, and where I bought my first home.  It’s where my wife and I both graduated from college.

The attacks at the Inland Regional Center occurred about 2 miles from the hospital where my wife works and where a number of the wounded were taken.

We attend church about a mile away on the same street where the terrorists were killed, and we routinely drive past their condo as we go about our daily lives.

Like a lot of folks, I am deeply saddened and enraged at what has happened.

I am not a victim, and none of my loved ones are directly affected by this evil.  But it touches everyone in this area.  It has invaded all of our lives.

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