Two Polls Show Gun Control Even Less Popular After Navy Yard Shooting

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On September 21, the Huffington Post revealed results from two polls taken after the Navy Yard shooting which show that support for more gun control continues to slide.

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The two polls—one from HuffPo/YouGov and the other from Gallup—show less-than-majority support for gun control in response to questions that once garnered solid majority support.

The HuffPo/YouGov poll shows only 48 percent of poll respondents supported more gun control. This is down from 60 percent support one month after the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. The Gallup poll shows a drop from 58 percent in favor of stricter gun control to only 49 percent.

These polls were conducted after Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), President Obama, and others responded to the Navy Yard shooting with calls for more gun control.

The Huffington Post notes that overall support for gun control has been on a slide for 25 years, reviving only following school shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook. However, even then, HuffPo says support for gun control only rose “temporarily.”

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