“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

― Benjamin Franklin


We would be wise to remember Benjamin Franklin’s famous words as we approach the November 4 midterm elections. America is in trouble both domestically and abroad. For six years, failed administration and senate leadership have set America on a path to destruction. This must be stopped!

Vote for the candidate(s) who has  most closely demonstrated the values and abilities needed to return America to our Constitution, founding principles, the rule of law, Judeo Christian values and peace through strength.   It is time to put the labels of Republican, Libertarian or Independent aside and get out and Vote!

Literally any candidate who will displace Harry Reid’s Senate majority and put the brakes on Obama’s misguided and destructive policies should be supported. We will almost never find a candidate who embraces every one of our beliefs or issues, but we can agree to support with our votes those individuals who most closely represent our values.

On this November 4th we must all “walk the talk”. It is not enough to say we support the 2nd amendment, individual liberty and the Constitution – we must get out and vote for like minded candidates.


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